Technical Consultancy – Literacy and Numeracy for Marginalised Adolescents and Youth

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Plan UK

Deadline: May 20, 2019
Languages: English
Type: Other
Minimum work experience: From 3 years
Sectors: Education
Expected starting date: Jun 3, 2019
Organisation: Plan UK
Location: Home based/Unspecified

Technical Consultancy- Plan International UK – Literacy and Numeracy for Marginalised Adolescents and Youth

Deadline for Application: Monday 20th May 2019

Contact: Martin Canter, Education Technical Specialist, Plan UK –


As a highly regarded and specialist development and humanitarian actor, Plan International UK works to promote quality and gender-transformative education through providing training and materials that increase learning opportunities for marginalized groups – particularly for girls and children with disabilities. Plan aims to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of adolescents and youth within the wider scope of a range of transferrable skills in order that they may be better positioned for employment opportunities, more fully engage in income-generation opportunities and entrepreneurship, gain greater independence and autonomy, and be more fully involved in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

Over the last decade, there has been considerable focus on increasing literacy and numeracy levels in formal settings in primary school grades as a means of improving learners’ overall academic success. Learners’ early grade reading and numeracy skills predict their reading abilities in later grades as well as their overall future academic performance. Given the strong predictive relationship between early numeracy and literacy skills and overall academic success, it is clear that learners need to develop strong skills in both these disciplines, that provide long-term benefits that lead to employment opportunities.

However there is an increasing need for implementation of literacy and numeracy approaches in informal settings in low income countries and at higher age levels (adolescents and youth) that allow marginalised groups such as participants who have had little formal schooling, have never attended school, or who have dropped out of school (a high proportion of whom tend to be girls due to early marriage or early pregnancy or prevailing gender norms around girls’ roles), in order that they gain basic skills that allow them to access increased learning or income-generating opportunities. Many young women in particular lack the foundational skills in literacy and numeracy to allow them to apply for jobs, to undertake job opportunities, or to take advantage of entrepreneurial activities. Basic literacy and numeracy skills would support a wider range of life-skills capacities aimed at raising confidence, increasing autonomy and decision-making, and improving health, nutrition, and sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

Plan UK seeks a Consultant to compile a framework and materials on basic literacy and numeracy, in order to support the development and implementation of quality gender-responsive life-skills proposals and programmes – particularly in informal settings – for marginalised adolescents and youth (aged 10-24 years). The Consultant will establish an evidence and research-driven base that will inform future programme development and provide quality learning that positions youth from marginalised groups – and particularly for girls and youth with disabilities – to be better equipped for employment opportunities.

Objectives and Activities

Plan International UK requires a Consultant to work with Plan UK’s Education and Business development staff to develop materials to enhance the efficient design and development of high-quality, evidence-based Education, Youth Employment, and SRHR bids where literacy and numeracy may be integrated to increase confidence, raise levels of autonomy, and position participants for employment opportunities. The consultant will be expected to:

Compile programme learning and best practice from Plan’s work and the Areas of Global Distinctiveness Network (AoGD) and the wider sector on literacy and numeracy approaches in relation to life-skills development, with the aim of delivering high-quality services to adolescents and youth in informal settings in low income countries;
Produce a policy document for the implementation of literacy and numeracy initiatives with adolescents and youth in informal settings that draws on research and evidence;
Develop materials and guidance for the implementation of gender-sensitive and age-appropriate literacy and numeracy approaches in stable / development environments in low income countries, that enable practical implementation of accessible learning approaches
Identify approaches that would enable girls, adolescents, and youth with disabilities to access increased learning and future income-generating opportunities through literacy and numeracy approaches.Specific outputs of the consultancy will be:

Consultancy workplan

  • Rapid literature review outlining in detail, best approaches/methodologies- utilising internal and external documents
  • Development of Plan UK’s common framework/policy on Literacy and numeracy for adolescents and youth in informal settings
  • Development of (easy to read/ child friendly) financial literacy and numeracy course material
  • Development of Financial literacy and numeracy facilitator/trainer toolkit
  • Organise and lead the validation of course material with Plan UK advisers and selected country office staff
  • Final PowerPoint presentation of the framework with Plan UK staff

Timeline and Budget

The Financial literacy and numeracy framework will be developed between April-June 2019 The contract would start as soon as possible.

Plan has indicative budget of £8,000 for this piece of work.

Profile of the Consultant

  • Extensive experience in designing innovative approaches and curriculum development in development contexts
  • Advanced degree in Education
  • Significant thematic expertise in designing life skills programmes
  • Experience of adapting and improving development interventions based on testing and learning
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)
  • Excellent research and analytical writing skills
  • Strong facilitation skills and demonstrable experience of designing and leading design workshops
  • Experience of working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders to design development interventions, including NGOs, CSOs, beneficiaries (particularly young people), research institutes,
  • UN agencies, private sector
  • Expertise in mainstreaming gender and inclusion (of those with disabilities other intersecting identities which can result in marginalisation).

Application Process

Plan International UK welcomes a response to this Terms of Reference by Monday 20th May 2019 with:

  • A CV including examples of relevant previous work
  • A cover letter demonstrating how you meet the required skills and competencies
  • A short, written statement outlining how you would approach the task, and the potential challenges that you might expect to encounter
  • Consultancy fee rates all-inclusive in GBP
  • Please send all applications by email to Martin Canter, Education Technical Specialist, Plan International at with “Consultancy – Literacy and Numeracy” in the subject line.